Accredititation and Certification (Career Assistance Series)

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A weekend class of two days or 20 hours is simply one tenth the minimum standard for a certified teacher to obtain, and even a TEFL course spread over three or four weekends will not meet international standards. The same applies to online TEFL certification classes that do not incorporate at least hours of coursework and six hours of live practicum.

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An accrediting body with only 20 or 30 organizations and opened a few years ago is likely not going to be respected in the field and or considered legitimate by potential employers. Memberships in academic associations are not based on any criteria and should not be considered the equivalent or a substitute for accreditation.

Most schools can simply join an organization by paying annual fees, with no independent review of their educational and professional standards. These are basically the equivalent of subscriptions to the organizational magazine.

Trainings in Certification Competencies

It comes down to money, a university level instructor commands a higher level of pay than someone with simply a 4 week TEFL certificate and a year teaching in China. One reason that some TEFL courses are so cheap is that they are not taught by truly qualified professional instructors.

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Note: Some schools will claim that their courses incorporate student teaching, but in reality, their courses only incorporate role playing with other teachers-in-training. This does meet international standards and such courses will not be recognized by potential employers around the globe. Will you receive the attention of an expert Admissions Advisor who will provide honest and straightforward information about courses and working abroad before you even put down a dime for a course?

Will you receive FREE lifetime job search guidance , including personal attention and service, from experienced career advisors, who will provide you with insight and knowledge regarding every matter related to finding a suitable job from writing an international resume and cover letter, to negotiating a contract and understanding visa regulations?

Advance Your Career with F5 Certification

There is no secret that you get what you pay for. You should consider your education as an investment of your time and money that will never diminish in value. It is often a prerequisite for governmental funding.

Do online courses help with getting a job?

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Harness the True Value of VMware Technologies with Certifications

CODA Mission The Commission on Dental Accreditation serves the public and profession by developing and implementing accreditation standards that promote and monitor the continuous quality and improvement of dental education programs. Learn More. Learn about and prep for a site visit Read more Site Visit Process.

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