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Red at the Bone is a story of traditions, new beginnings, and the bonds of the past. The novel is written through voices both young and old. Melody, who is just 16 and about to celebrate her new adulthood, is ebullient, making a grand entrance to a song by Prince and wearing a dress originally fitted for her mother. But the history of her loved ones lingers. One of those stories is that of her mother, who never had a chance to celebrate in that beautiful dress herself.

The publication of Dr. Zhivago was an important event during the Cold War. At Lewis and Clark, she advocated successfully to have the cafeteria menus emailed so that her computer could translate them into Braille. At Harvard Law School she developed a text-to-Braille system that made it possible to receive lectures, communicate with classmates, and to advocate for clients in lawsuits. She was honored at the White House by President Obama.

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Through her example and her advocacy, she has changed the environment for all people with disabilities. When recently widowed author Tom Kennedy moves with his young son to Featherbrook, he hopes for a new beginning. But old terrors haunt this community, as Tom learns all too quickly. With serial killers, ghosts, and visits from the past, Alex North weaves threads from the best in horror and mystery fiction to create a heart-pounding thriller. Ana is only 15 when she is forced to marry Juan, a brute of a man twice her age, abruptly moving her from the Dominican Republic to New York City.

A searing description of the immigrant experience and the power of self-determination. A thriller author is writing a book set in Trumpian America. His modern Don Quixote protagonist, Quichotte, is a reluctantly retired pharmaceutical rep who watches so much TV that he becomes obsessed with a talk show host and sets out with his son, aka Poncho, on a quest to find her. While bringing us a delightfully funny tale, Rushdie illuminates family relationships, opioid abuse, romance, history, and the bizarre politics of today.

But the brutal truth she finds in a secluded village reveals the limits of her education, as she struggles to admit the bias behind her own ideas of how to help the women of that community.

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She becomes immersed in her new community and gets involved with a most unlikely man. Their struggles with love, grief, forgiveness, and faith become the foundation to a life bigger and more complicated than any of them could have ever imagined. Without judgment, Wall allows their flaws and graces to shine, reminding us of the importance of personal convictions and the inevitability of change.

Pico Iyer reflects on the country where he has lived for over 30 years. Iyer is profound, yet fun to read. July - August Lincoln, a real estate broker, has six kids. Teddy is the publisher of a small scholarly press. Mickey is a wild and somewhat famous rock musician.

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They talk of their years as scholarship students at a New England liberal arts college. There, they all fell in love the same girl.

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Right after graduation she joined them for a weekend at a Vineyard beach house. Then she disappeared. They are still trying figure out what happened. Richard Russo brings us an insightful portrayal of their friendship. Chances Are… is filled with humor, irony, suspense, menace and tenderness. Maggie, Lina, and Sloane—three women with very different lives—have each experienced wholeness and loss through various sexual encounters.

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  • In other hands, such depth and insight might require hundreds of pages. Although profound, these stories are often very funny. Orner shows the absurdity of life and the absolute simple joys too. The dialogue is so good that if you are reading this book in public, you may be tempted to read it out loud to anyone in earshot.

    From the woman who gets calls from her estranged missing brother to the drug dealer who dresses up like Captain Kangaroo, each character is unforgettable. But when a magnet school for the gifted comes to town, they discover the limits of their loyalties and the questionable lengths they will go to secure a place for their children. As secrets and resentments build, the delicate balance that had made their town a haven begins to topple.

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    Bruce Holsinger finds the perfect voice for each character, as they struggle between their good and bad impulses. This novel resonates deeply in our times. When Rachel receives a call saying her daughter has been kidnapped, the kidnappers tell her they want something more than just the ransom: she needs to kidnap and provid e them with another child in order to free her own.

    The story is told from each of their points of view, and a picture emerges of a family in crisis, deeply damaged by holding on to secrets for too long. The actions they take now that may define their lives forever more. Inspired by the Civil Rights movement, Elwood Curtis is on the road to college when an innocent mistake derails his life and locks him away in the Nickel Academy, a vicious, racist reform school in Florida.

    He meets another inmate who is as cynical as he is hopeful, and together they try to find a way to survive. We see brief connections between the characters that show how even bystanders may be altered by their mere presence in times of upheaval. With a detailed eye and graceful touch, David Szalay reminds us that beneath the calm demeanor of those around us there may be an ocean of turbulent emotion.

    After an especially horrifying instance of cruelty on the part of the mine manager, Annie Clements organizes the women and gets them to convince the men to strike.


    The national press covers the actions of the thugs who were hired by the mine manager to start riots, beat up and even kill the miners. Mother Jones arrives with money and advice. Only one merchant, a Jew who has escaped the cruelty of Czarist Russia, supports the strikers. He gives them credit and provides food, hiding places and a means of escape.

    That quiet hero is based on my Great Grandfather.

    When her youngest daughter asks her to come to Germany for an important funeral, Louise is forced to examine what her time in Germany really meant to her and what she values now in her life in Eugene, Oregon. She has a jealous husband at home and her mercurial ex awaiting her arrival in Dusseldorf. The connections between the past and the present are revealed to be both beautiful and painful in alternating points of view. Aino followed them to what she expected would be a workers paradise.

    But she soon saw the cruelty of the owners as loggers lost arms, legs and life. Aino became involved in starting the first labor union in the lumber industry. There are two protagonists--Nora and Lurie. Nora is alone on the parched family homestead with her visually impaired son, her incompetent year-old niece, and her mother-in-law who is mute due to a stroke. Lurie is a young thief on the lam. Marshall John Berger is determined to bring Lurie to justice for killing a boy.

    Petersburg where she moves into a literary collective. Here, she comes in contact with literary giants who refuse to bend to the party line. As Marina comes to question the revolution she so enthusiastically joined, she is in ever greater danger. The star of the show is a domesticated crow with a foul mouth and a twisted affection for mankind.

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    As the world around him devolves, he and his bloodhound buddy embark on a quest of survival along with an unforgettable cast of characters. Disappearing Earth by Julia Phillips The mysterious disappearance of two young sisters sets in motion this brilliant debut by Julia Phillips. Like ripples from a pebble tossed into still waters, each chapter is a vignette of how this unsettling incident has touched the lives of others. We feel every heartrending emotion as Philips brings each individual story to life while introducing us to this fascinating corner of Russian life.

    With its beautiful prose, mounting suspense, and unforgettable characters Disappearing Earth is not a book to miss! Light from Other Stars by Erika Swyler It is easy to be captivated by 12 year-old Nedda as she dreams of becoming an astronaut. When the Challenger shuttle explodes her world transforms beyond her wildest imagination, as does her understanding of her family and her own place in the world. Light From Other Stars easily moves between the Nedda of the future on a journey for mankind and Nedda of the past who delights in questioning the world around her.

    Pico takes us to his ping pong club where fit oldsters out play and out think him. Spirit still there. Ask Again, Yes by Mary Beth Keane Imagine the novel you have always wanted to read, exquisitely written and filled with secrets, conflict, love, and forgiveness.

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    • lovely novel: Ann Angel's Freedom (Waldmann Family Saga, #1) By Katharina Gerlach.
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    • This is that novel. Two families live next to each other in suburban New York. While one seems to be living the American Dream, the other is struggling to keep up appearances.