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Latest Book Releases. New Releases. At a Glance. Manage Your Books. Below you'll find a list of new cozy mysteries for August ! There are two new series coming this month! A Killer Edition Booktown Series Murder's in the mix for mystery bookstore owner and amateur sleuth Tricia Miles, in the latest entry to Lorna Barret's New York Times bestselling Booktown series.

That's the last time Amy agrees to do a favor for a stranger As Suzanne Hart is coming home from visiting her college roommate, Autumn, she spots smoke in the sky above downtown April Springs, North Carolina. Baker Katie Lightfoot serves up enchanted delicacies and tracks down a malicious murderer in the newest installment of this New York Times bestselling series But this road trip will be more dangerous than they expected … Coffee lovers are gathering from far and wide at the hotel, and Krissy, Rita, and Vicki are Overcommitted committee member Abby McCree gets in a patch of trouble trying to solve the murder of a pumpkin farmer … The small town of Snowberry Creek, Washington, is gearing up for the Halloween Festival, and naturally Abby is on the planning committee.

Flour in the Attic Bread Shop Mystery 4. Ivy Culpepper keeps the ovens hot at Yeast of Eden, a Northern California bakery that specializes in traditional breads. Tricks and treats keep the Halloween spirit alive in coastal Maine. Haunting in the Hallway Inn at Holiday Bay 5. After suffering a personal tragedy Abby Sullivan buys a huge old seaside mansion she has never even seen, packs up her life in San Francisco, and moves to Holiday Bay Maine, where she is adopted, quite against her will, by a huge Maine Coon Cat named Rufus, a drifter with her own tragic past When a firecracker becomes a murder weapon, Emily Westhill pursues a killer with a short fuse … It is a truth universally acknowledged—cops and donuts go together.

Georgie and Darcy are finally on their honeymoon in Kenya's Happy Valley, but murder crashes the party in this all-new installment in the New York Times bestselling series. The team help Nicki Elliot raise the money for a family reunion with her sister in Kenya. Money making ideas from household goods. The team helps Sandra Hardiman raise enough loot for golf lessons so she can play along with partner Brian when they move to Cyprus.

The team helps Nick sell off collectables to give his wife a day to remember. Susie wants to race Nick's classic car round Goodwood race track but Nick has a surprise in store. Following the recent death of her mum, Susan's home is packed with inherited antiques but she feels that it's time for a clear out to help pay for a lasting memorial.

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Household junk comes into its own. Ann Collins, an adventurous year-old, sells off collectables to raise 4, pounds to pay for flying lessons - the sky's the limit. A casino manager wants to raise some cash for a staff bash. But will the farmyard collectables decorating the restaurant raise enough to give his workforce a night to remember?

An Intern Saved a Museum by Finding This Revolutionary War Treasure in the Attic

Revealing the true value of household junk. A woman is hoping to raise the 2, pounds she needs to make her late father's dream of planting an orchard come true. Fiona has called in the team to try and raise pounds to send her husband away on a sporting mini-break to thank him for his support since her serious illness four years ago. An antiques enthusiast and his wife have a unique problem. Their living room ceiling is so low that he can't stand up straight and they need to raise 2, quid to lower the floor.

Ben Fogle hosts the show using junk to turn dreams into reality.

Introduction: Saving for Saving’s Sake

A woman tries to raise 1, pounds to set up her own Chi Kung practice for stressed-out City workers. The team helps a woman suffering from emphysema as she tries to raise 1, pounds she and her husband need to pay the rent on their seaside mobile home in Hornsea. All-round action man Ben Fogle presents the popular antiques show. A retired lieutenant colonel tries to raise pounds to fly to East Africa to attend a war widow's conference. A woman wants to raise quid to pay for a website for her business venture of selling leather goods from her cousin's shop in Argentina at three day events and country fairs.

Albert Brandon has filled the house and garden shed with collectables and antiques from the most unlikely places. He's hoping to raise a grand to upgrade his fishing tackle. Alistair Appleton and the team help antiques enthusiast Stephen Karbaron who's starting a new job in Russia, and wants to fly his parents over there as a golden anniversary treat. Alistair Appleton helps viewers transform their valuables into loot for a specific project.

School teachers Vanessa and Paul Buckley want to raise money for a school in the Gambia. Alistair Appleton and the team help Paul Riley, who wants to raise 1, pounds to soundproof the basement in his new home, so his son has a space for his band to practise in. Alistair Appleton and the team help Gill Mallet and Penny Buttenshaw raise money for their daughters' wedding dresses by selling their household valuables.

Series looking at the value of household junk, with the affable Alistair Appleton.

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The team help car enthusiast Keith Higgs raise the money he needs for a brand new monster motor. Series looking at the value of household junk, presented by Lorne Spicer. Sheila Taylor wants to raise money from her collectables to get her deceased mother's poetry published. Antiques show, presented by Lorne Spicer. Following her recovery from breast cancer, Moira Barton asks the team to help her sell her antiques to fund a much-needed spa break.

Series looking at the value of household junk, with Lorne Spicer at the helm. A young couple from the south coast want to raise enough to send Lisa's dad away on a luxury break. Len and Beryl Smith are a retired couple who lived in the same house for over thirty years, and they want to clear out their collectables to raise pounds for home improvements.

With the incentive of raising money to visit their daughter down under, Ruth and Peter Cheney might just be persuaded to sell some of their collections. With Alistair Appleton. Sue and Brian Ford are a newly retired couple from Cambridgeshire. Brian has had a number of open heart operations and wants to raise two grand to make his life easier. Brian Harvey-Bussell recently had a serious operation on his leg and his mobility is now severely restricted. He calls on the team to help raise a grand for an electric wheelchair.

Susanne Hunter is addicted to buying at auctions and her daughter Lindy thinks it's about time to start selling to raise a grand to create an art studio. Alistair Appleton helps more viewers realise their dreams by selling off unwanted possessions. Nick Lee-Ostler and Cedric Walker hope to raise three grand to renovate their kitchen. A model enthusiast and his wife Dinah cannot afford both their very different dreams - unless Richard sells some of his prized possessions at auction.

Presented by Lorne Spicer. Alistair Appleton helps viewers raise money from their unwanted valuables.

Annie’s Attic Mystery Series – Chronological Order – The Cozy Mystery List Blog

The Jacksons' house looks like an antique shop, but now dad David wants to raise a grand for a jacuzzi. Alistair Appleton presents the show that helps raise money from unwanted collectables. David Flynn plans to sell off some of his junk shop bargains to get his car back on the road. Photography student Rebecca Bartholomew is in dire need of a digital camera for her college work, and has little choice but to sell some of the objects she inherited from her mum.

A crystal healer is about to move, but her new house is not big enough for her to keep a treatment room. She needs to sell her collectables to buy a log cabin to use instead.

Hunky Alistair Appleton presents the antiques show. Linda and David hope to raise enough from their collections for two wedding receptions, one on each side of the Channel. Lorne Spicer presents the popular collectables show today.

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Valerie and Colin Conrich hope to raise enough from their antiques to jet off to their niece's wedding in New York. Alistair Appleton presents the popular antiques show. Debra has been saving hard to take her kids to New Zealand, and hopes to raise enough from her collections to buy the tickets. Paul Teitjen and his family are moving to Spain, and Paul wants to sell his childhood collectables to raise some cash to pay for their new Spanish style furniture. Fiona is potty about porcelain, but her daughter Molly is growing up fast and toddlers and tea sets do not mix.

She decides to sell her goods to create a dream bedroom instead. The show that aims to turn viewers' hidden treasures into cash, presented this time by Alistair Appleton. Andrew Palmer needs some cash to have his garden turfed and tidied up. Series looking at the value of household junk.

Barbara takes some of her late husband's collection to auction in the hope of raising enough money to learn to fly.

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  • Series where contestants auction their household junk. Pat worked at auction house Christies for 35 years and wants to raise money to spice up her living room suite. The team rifle through Rachel's things as they try to make enough money to pay for the flowers at her son's wedding. Series which swaps unwanted household junk for much more wanted money. Simone has called in the team to help her declutter her home and hopefully raise 2, pounds for a party. Series where household junk is taken to auction. Isobel wants to make 1, pounds so she can have a space to design a sensory garden for children with special needs.

    Series which tries to make a mint from household junk. Sarah has called in the Cash team to help her raise funds for her hobby. Her family heirloom piano needs a little tlc. Actress Virginia McKenna has called in the team to help raise some funds for two very special projects for the Born Free foundation. Series which makes mountains of money out of mounds of junk.

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    Anne desperately wants the Cash team to help her raise 1, pounds to finance a special pressie for her grandchildren.