Canadians in the American Civil War: Extracts from the Niagara Mail and St. Catharines Journal

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She considers herself Iranian, Turkish and also Canadian but she tries not to define herself by borders. You can never underestimate the power that youth have in making change in our society. As much as kids learn from their parents, parents also learn a thing or two from their kids. Anthony is passionately committed to social justice, equity, civic engagement, and multiculturalism. Anthony is actively interested in Black Canadian social and political affairs, and Caribbean diaspora politics. Originally from Montreal, she came to Toronto to complete an internship and chose to remain and pursue her career when an exciting opportunity was presented to her.

In her spare time, she volunteers at her local YMCA for the martial arts program: she is currently training to obtain her first dan in Taekwondo. Aniqah struggled to incorporate both her Sri Lankan and Canadian identities.

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She found it was rare that a South Asian was featured in the media as a role model. As a result, she resolved to become the role model for which she had been searching for so many years. Aniqah is active both at Brock University in St Catharines where she studies neuroscience, as well as in her local community. Her dedication and commitment to excellence has led to her recognition as one of the Brock Leaders Citizenship Society Members, an award given to 10 to 15 students internationally per year.

He went through difficult times such that he was forced to leave his country. Prince , [39] and The Craftsman. The finding of the well-preserved wreck of the Canadian-built British troop transport warship Caledonia , sunk during the War of , has led to accusations about plundering of the site and legal wrangling about whether the vessel should be resurfaced in time for the war's bicentennial.

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There are numerous public parks around the lake. In western Pennsylvania, a wildlife reserve was established in in Springfield Township for hiking , fishing , cross-country skiing and walking along the beach. Crystal Beach, in the village of Crystal Beach, Ontario , at the eastern end of the lake, is one of several South-facing beaches on the Canadian side. It is therefore well situated for sun-bathers, facing the sun from sunrise to sunset.

Lake Erie islands tend to be in the westernmost part of the lake and have different characters. Some of them include:. Kayaking has become more popular along the lake, particularly in places such as Put-in-Bay, Ohio. The lake is dotted by distinct lighthouses. A lighthouse off the coast of Cleveland , beset with cold lake winter spray, has an unusual artistic icy shape, although sometimes ice prevents the light from being seen by maritime vessels. A New York Times reporter, biking through the region in , found the Ontario town of Port Stanley to be the "prettiest of the port towns" with a lively "holiday air" but no "ticky-tacky commercialism".

There are numerous vineyards around the lake, including ones on Pelee Island which makes wines including pinot noir, riesling and chardonnay. People can rent summer houses and cabins near the lake to enjoy the beaches, swimming, as well as be close to activities such as wine tours and fishing and water parks. Coli bacteria. It was described as a "spit of sand, trees and swamp that arcs off the shore" with seafood restaurants and beautiful sunsets. I spent the next couple of hours riding that guy's creaky, brown three-speed across the flat, open island in a flawless summer breeze.

I saw kilometres of gentle, swaying soybean fields. Occasional dense stands of trees. A red-brick schoolhouse attended by 10 children. A dozen cars — most of the drivers offering a wave. No stoplights. Certainly no chains or corporations. And that's the point Pleasure boat operators offer dinner cruises in the Cleveland area on the Cuyahoga River as well as Lake Erie. The lake has been a "bustling thoroughfare" for maritime vessels for centuries.

Generally there is heavy traffic on the lake except during the winter months from January through March when ice prevents vessels from traveling safely. The ship traffic in Lake Erie being the highest among the Great Lakes [] and roughest of the lakes has led to it having the highest number of known shipwrecks in the Great Lakes.

There have been other accidents as well; for example, in according to The Star , crewmen from the freighter Hermann Schoening were sickened by phosphine gas which had been used to fumigate or control pests; rescuers took them by tugboat to receive medical attention. The current port facility is unable to handle larger cargo ships, and the cranes needed to lift goods such as steel to truck trailers are insufficient to meet current shipping standards.

However, plans to operate a ferryboat between the U. Lawrence River. In , debris from a plane carrying 9 people was found off Lake Erie isle. Since the border between the two nations is largely unpatrolled, it is possible for people to cross undetected from one country to the other, in either direction, by boat. In , Canadian police arrested persons crossing the border illegally from the United States to Canada, near the Ontario town of Amherstburg.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other uses, see Lake Erie disambiguation. The Great Lakes , with Lake Erie highlighted in darker blue. See also: Lake Erie Basin.

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See also: Lake Erie Islands. Main article: Great Lakes Compact. Nass of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette , []. This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.

The New York Times Almanac ed.

Great Lakes Information Network. September 13, Retrieved January 24, Charles E. Associated Press.

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August 10, Archived from the original on August 25, The Star. Also, the western end of Lake Erie is the thunderstorm capital of Canada — the lightning displays are breathtaking, the winds can hit gale force, and, due to the lake's shallowness, the waves build very quickly. CBS News.

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