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Adewumi Mojisola pitched an innovative approach to tackling the disproportionate impact of land corruption on women in Nigeria, through the introduction of Interactive Community Panels. The panels work with women on income generating activities, while informing and enabling them to improve their livelihoods and fight for equal land rights.

Babafemi Adewumi from Nigeria proposed building an online land registry, capable of curbing rampant land corruption, through the use of blockchain technology. Adewumi described his vision for an interactive platform where buyers and sellers of agricultural land could access accurate information on land parcels, verified by the same system underpinning crypto currencies such as BitCoin. In addition to benefiting individual buyers and sellers, government agencies would have reliable data to inform decisions around community development projects.

Ily Abraham from Burkina Faso proposed a project for resolving land conflicts, in the provinces of Boulgou and Kouritenga, caused and exacerbated by corruption. Read the full proposal in English or French.

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Developed with his colleague Akwasi Akwaboah, the approach to land management is intended to ensure information within the registry is readily available, reliable and safe from tampering. Bonsu and Akwaboah believe a digital land registry will help eliminate corrupt practices and contribute towards curbing land grabbing and conflicts. Renata George proposed a multi-faceted approach to tackling land corruption in Tanzania with a specific focus on empowering young people. In the closing stages of the development process, the young social entrepreneurs had their ideas rigorously tested by an audience of campaigners, activists, and social innovators from across Nigeria.

Over the course of a day-long event, each entrepreneur presented their innovation without visual aides or notes!

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With their strategies interrogated and founding assumptions rigorously tested, the eight young social entrepreneurs set about adapting and refining their final proposals. Links to download each proposal can be found above. These inspiring young innovators have developed their ideas and now they need contacts, partners and support. Babafemi Adewumi is a graduate of agricultural engineering with a passion for leveraging technology to address land corruption across Africa. He is team leader for the AgriTech Initiative at Wennovation Hub, helping a range of businesses and startups.

Sikem Brice is a qualified secondary school teacher and holds a B. Sc in geology. Sikem is a passionate educator and determined activist. When seven days had passed, he said to Niam, "I would fain go a-hunting. So he shouted the Fian hunting-cry and rode furiously on their track. Long it seemed to him since he had felt glad and weary as he felt now, and since the woodland air with its odours of pine and mint and wild garlic had tasted so sweet in his mouth; and truly it was longer than he knew. When they entered, there was a table spread for a great company, and cooks and serving-men busy about a wide hearth where roast and boiled meats of every sort were being prepared.

Casks of Greek wine stood open around the walls, and cups of gold were on the board. Next day, at the first light of dawn, they were on foot; and soon again the forest rang to the baying of hounds and the music of the hunting-horn. And so for seven days they fared in that forest, and seven stags were slain.

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Surely the peasant is no man whose hand forgets the plough, nor the warrior whose hand forgets the sword hilt. Then he put on his head a steel and gold helmet with dragon crest, and slung on his back a shield of bronze wrought all over with cunning hammer-work of serpentine lines that swelled and sank upon the surface, and coiled in mazy knots, or flowed in long sweeping curves like waves of the sea when they gather might and volume for their leap upon the sounding shore.

In the glimmering dawn, through the empty streets of the fair city, they rode forth alone and took their way through fields of corn and by apple orchards where red fruit hung down to their hands.

But by noontide their way began to mount upwards among blue hills that they had marked from the city walls toward the west, and of man's husbandry they saw no more, but tall red-stemmed pine trees bordered the way on either side, and silence and loneliness increased. At length they reached a broad table-land deep in the heart of the mountains, where nothing grew but long coarse grass, drooping by pools of black and motionless water, and where great boulders, bleached white or stained with slimy lichens of livid red, lay scattered far and wide about the plain.

White as death was the stone of which it was built, save where it was streaked with black or green from the foulness of wet mosses that clung to its cornices and battlements, and none seemed stirring about the place nor did any banner blow from its towers. In it he keeps prisoner a princess of the Fairy Folk whom he would fain make his bride, but he may not do so, nor may she escape, until Fovor has met in battle a champion who will undertake her cause.

A tough row to hoe as farmers age: Young ones can't buy land -

Approach, then, to the gate, if thou art fain to undertake this adventure, and blow the horn which hangs thereby, and then look to thy weapons, for soon indeed will the battle be broken upon thee. Not thus indeed sounded the Dord of Finn as its call blew lust of fighting and scorn of death into the hearts of the Fianna amid the stress of battle. Dark it was and low, with mouldering arras on its walls, and foul and withered rushes on the floor, where dogs gnawed the bones thrown to them at the last meal, and spilt ale and hacked fragments of flesh littered the bare oaken table. And here rose languidly to greet them a maiden bound with seven chains, to whom Niam spoke lovingly, saying that her champion was come and that her long captivity should end.

So she gave them refreshment as she could, and afterwards they betook them once more to the courtyard, where the place of battle was set.

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Yet he raised his shield and gripped the fairy sword, striving to shout the Fian battle-cry as he closed with Fovor. But soon a heavy blow smote him to the ground, and his armour clanged harshly on the stones. And the giant was likewise healed and his might and fierceness returned to him. And another chain of the seven fell from the girdle of the captive maiden. Then I shall return to thee, Niam, and to thy fair and blissful land; and having brought over to mortal men a tale that never man has told before, I shall be happy and at peace for ever in the Land of Youth.

But never for even a moment must thou alight from his back, for if thy foot once touch again the soil of earth, thou shalt never win to me and to the Land of Youth again.

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We're on it:' South Dakota ad campaign is raising eyebrows. Local A tough row to hoe as farmers age: Young ones can't buy land Young farmers find little land to buy, acres of obstacles to get loans. By Adam Belz Star Tribune. Star Tribune Recommends. Local Minnesota is now drinking alone when it comes to 3. Business Sugar beet harvest is worst in decades in Minnesota, N. November Curious Minnesota Why are Honeycrisp apples still so expensive? September Business More than a third of U.