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Edited by: James Thompson. Helsinki Noir joins Copenhagen Noir in representing the Akashic Noir Series in the far north of Europe, exposing its frigid and sometimes frightening confines. Edited by: Jason Y. Ng and Susan Blumberg-Kason. Edited by: Gwendolyn Zepeda. The fourth-largest city in the US is long overdue to enter the Noir Series arena, and does so blazingly. The sharpest, most stylized, and ambitious anthology of Native American literature ever published. Readers enter into a welter of troubled history throughout the Americans where the heritage of violence meets the ferocity of intent.

Edited by: Mustafa Ziyalan and Amy Spangler. Istanbul Noir presents stories from a city at once ancient and modern, Asian and European, postcard-perfect and simmering with rage. Edited by: Steve Paul.

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Steve Paul recruits Daniel Woodrell, John Lutz, and others in Kansas City Noir , where naked ambition meets broken dreams, and blues and the night go together like rye whiskey, vermouth, and bitters. Edited by: Colin Channer. Edited by: Chris Abani. Edited by: Cathi Unsworth. Edited by: Bobby Byrd and Johnny Byrd. Edited by: Kaylie Jones. Between these covers, Long Island emerges as a region far more complex and sinister than merely a playground for the rich and famous. Edited by: Denise Hamilton. Los Angeles Noir brings you tales of crime and passion and betrayal from some of the most innovative and celebrated writers working today.

The sequel to Los Angeles Noir , an award-winning Los Angeles Times best-seller, this volume explores the history of the noir literary tradition on its home turf. Edited by: Lawrence Block. Following the commercial success of the original Manhattan Noir , mystery titan Lawrence Block explores the historic literary roots of this dark island. Edited by: Jessica Hagedorn. Edited by: Yassin Adnan.

North Africa finally enters the Noir Series arena with a finely crafted volume of dark stories, translated from Arabic, French, and Dutch. Edited by: Laureen P. Cantwell and Leonard Gill. Edited by: Les Standiford.

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Edited by: Tim Hennessy. In Milwaukee Noir , a city of manufacturers and booze, as well as a growing immigrant community, makes perfect grist for the Noir Series mill. Edited by: Tom Franklin. Literary crime fiction master Tom Franklin curates this volume of stellar noir from the Deep South. Edited by: James Grady and Keir Graff. Grady and Graff, both Montana natives, masterfully curate this collection of hard-edged Western tales.

Edited by: Natalia Smirnova and Julia Goumen. Moscow has been chomping at the bit to enter the Noir Series. This anthology fearlessly investigates the darkest recesses of this fabled and troubled metropolis.

Edited by: Altaf Tyrewala. Edited by: Amy Bloom. Amy Bloom masterfully curates a star-studded cast of contributors, including Michael Cunningham, Stephen L. Edited by: Joyce Carol Oates. Edited by: Julie Smith. Beneath the glitter of Mardi Gras lies the sleaze of Bourbon Street; under the celestial sounds of JazzFest, the nightmare screams of a city traumatized long before the storm. This sequel to the original best-selling New Orleans Noir takes a literary tour through some of the darkest writing in New Orleans history.

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Edited by: Tim McLoughlin , S. Edited by: Akashic Books. Edited by: Eddie Muller and Jerry Thompson. Edited by: Gary Phillips.

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  • You may be disturbed—or possibly titillated—to discover what can happen once you cross the Orange Curtain. Edited by: Carlin Romano. Edited by: Patrick Millikin. Edited by: Kathleen George. Edited by: Kevin Sampsell. Edited by: Pavel Mandys. The noir quotient of this legendary Eastern European city will enthrall and terrify readers from across the globe. Edited by: Ann Hood. Edited by: Robert Knightly. On the heels of Brooklyn, Manhattan, and the Bronx, the borough of Queens enters the chambers of noir in this riveting collection edited by defense attorney and acclaimed fiction writer Robert Knightly.

    The River City emerges as a hot spot for unseemly noir as life, death, and American history mix together into a frightening Southern cocktail. Edited by: Tony Bellotto. Edited by: Chiara Stangalino and Maxim Jakubowski. Edited by: Maryelizabeth Hart. Edited by: Peter Maravelis. Dashiell Hammett and William Vollmann are just two treats in this stellar sequel to the smash-hit original volume of San Francisco Noir , which captures the dark mythology of a world-class locale.

    Edited by: Mayra Santos-Febres. Edited by: Susie Bright. On the heels of Rio Noir, beloved Brazilian rock star and best-selling novelist Tony Bellotto ushers another world-class city into the Akashic Noir Series. Edited by: Curt Colbert.

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