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The answer to this will dictate the knife material you should choose. Japanese knives are traditionally made with a type of carbon steel called hagane , which comes in various gradations. Once a stainless steel blade loses its edge, it takes some effort and skill to sharpen properly, so many people prefer to have them professionally sharpened.

Personally I think ceramic is best suited for small paring knives and the like. The other major consideration when looking at knives is whether to choose a single- or double-bevel blade. Most traditional Japanese-style knives have a wide, deep-angle bevel on one side of the blade, while Western-style knives as well as the most popular modern Japanese knife types have a shallow, narrow bevel on both sides of the blade. Double-bevel knives are also generally thinner and lighter than single-bevel knives of similar size.

If you are left-handed, keep in mind that regular single-bevel knives are meant for use in your right hand only — left-handed single bevels are rare and expensive.

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Japanese kitchen knife

Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. You can also subscribe without commenting. Leave this field empty. Subscribed to all channels! Following for a very long time, my go to for all Japanese recipe needs. I subscribe to all media of just one cookbook! I love your blog and I not miss a recipe. I may not eat meat but all of your recipes easily adapt to seitan, tofu, tempeh, and vegetables! New in the States and a housewife.. A good knife is all i need in the kitchen 3 meals a day. Been a keen reader and tried some your recipes.

Love trying to replicate your ecipes for my year old grandma from Japan — she says oishii!!


Liked and following on FB. Thank you for the giveitaway! I already follow you on facebook, instagram, youtube, and website. Love all the ig stories you shared about the Japan trip. Thank youuu so muchhh.

The 'kanji' on our knives

Hi Nami san, yup I have already subscribed to your newsletter, youtube, instagram and fb. Gorgeous knife! Makes me want to spend a year traveling around Japan! I Love all your recipes. I tried many of them too they turned out very good and made my loved ones happy. Thankyou for all these amazing easy recipes. I followed you on instagram, subscribe the newsletter and youtube, also liked your facebook page.

Thank you for sharing great recipes and techniques. Thank you for all your hard work!

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Already signed up for your newsletter. Sucscribe ur youtube. I follow all your posts and have tried your recipes! I am even going to visit Japan next month for the first time after I saw all the posts, videos and guides you uploaded! I love Japanese food and you have made it possible for me to try making it at home for me and my family!

I am so excited about the giveaway prize that I saw you got in Tokyo! I look forward to your next posts! We love your website and YouTube channel.

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We already bought the book. I follow you on Instagram and subscribed your newsletter today on top. Keep up the inspiring work. I really like your recipes!

Easy to follow and so many amazing ideas. Thank you! Love your recipes and travel guides! Just recommended your travel guides to some friends of my sister, who are going to live in Japan for a couple of months with their kids! Ti seguo anche su instagram pucaclau e su YouTube! Thanks from Italy for the beautiful recipes, I often cook them for my girls and also for the big kid, the husband;.

Process of making Katana kitchen knives - Japan Quality

I also follow you on instagram pucaclau and on YouTube! Hi Nami! Aloha from Hawaii!!! I have been a subscriber for s while and love your food. I just subscribed to your newsletter. I have already followed you on Instagram and especially YouTube too! Thanks for your yummy recipes! I really impress my family and especially my Motger-In-Law, cause she makes really good Japanese food.

Now because of you, I have really good recipes under my belt that impress, even her!

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Subscribed to your you tube channel! Japanese cheesecake is on the top of my list to make yours is drool worthy. Crossing my fingers cuz this would make a great present for my dad! Liked your FB page and subscribed to your YT channel a long time ago but just subscribed to your newsletter! Sorry have no IG account. Thank you for sharing your recipes! So excited for the giveaway.

Thank you for sharing your recipes and techniques for cooking. Really learned a lot from your blogs and recipes. And thank you for answering my questions too. Thanks for sharing your summer vacation in Japan on IG! We are loving it!!

Are Japanese or German knives better?

I am subscribed to all of the above.! I am super excited about hearing about the knife since I was not able to find a good Japanese knife on my most recent visit to Japan! Whenever I want cook or bake something I always looking for your website. After seeing your IGstory, I wanted to go back to Japan, and to visit the other city. I have signed up for your newsletter. I am already your follower in Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and Pinterest.

Thank you.

I love following your trips to Japan in your stories. I love your recipes! I am a huge Japanese food fun, thanks for the recipes and the chance to win this beautiful knife!