Six Christmas Stories

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A Christmas Secret by Anne Perry. Just in time for the holidays, Anne Perry gives… More. Shelve A Christmas Secret. Book 5. A Christmas Beginning by Anne Perry.

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Whatever the season, a new novel by bestselling… More. Shelve A Christmas Beginning. Book 6. A Christmas Grace by Anne Perry. With Christmas just around the corner, Thomas… More. Shelve A Christmas Grace.

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Book 7. A Christmas Promise by Anne Perry. Shelve A Christmas Promise. Book 8. A Christmas Odyssey by Anne Perry. In her beloved Christmas novels, Anne Perry… More. Shelve A Christmas Odyssey. Book 9. A Christmas Homecoming by Anne Perry. Shelve A Christmas Homecoming.

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Book A Christmas Garland by Anne Perry. Perry continues this magnificent tradition with A… More. Shelve A Christmas Garland. A Christmas Hope by Anne Perry. Although she lacks for nothing, Claudine… More. Shelve A Christmas Hope. A brand new Christmas mystery, and the very first… More. Shelve A New York Christmas. A Christmas Escape by Anne Perry. For countless readers, Christmastime means a… More. Shelve A Christmas Escape.

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  8. You and your little one will love the story and the beautifully illustrated pages of present-bearing dinosaurs, each labeled with their scientific name — from Gigantoraptor to Einiosaurus. Little dinosaurs love to celebrate the Festival of Lights! But sometimes the excitement of Chanukah can tempt a little one to misbehave. Your family will love joining in on this joyful romp filled with tumbling dreidels and melting gelt, and your children will discover that dinosaurs say Happy Chanukah with an abundance of love, joy, memory, and gratitude.

    It gently touches on those endless "what if? In this book, a mama reassures her little one and yours!

    Penguin Christmas Classics Series

    In this fun, zany holiday story, Fly Guy doesn't have a present to give his best friend, Buzz. When he goes out to find one for him, he encounters a stranger in his house! Spoiler alert: It's actually Santa Claus. Will Fly Guy mistakenly fight off Santa with his ninja moves? Will he find a present? Even reluctant readers will be buzzing about this book! Nobody is too little to get a visit from Santa, but one sweet, tiny fox hears that it's so. You can imagine his surprise when the most magical visitor arrives on a snowy Christmas night!

    This heartwarming and festive read-aloud is filled with vibrant illustrations and bouncy rhymes, such as: "In a teeny tiny village on an evening cold and bright, a teeny tiny fox dreamt of Christmas night. Stick Man lives in his family tree with Stick Lady Love and their three stick children.

    But one day, a mischievous dog carries him away! Lonely and lost, Stick Man is desperate to get back home to his family for Christmas. After he helps Santa get out of a tricky situation, Mr. Claus helps him return to his loved ones in the family tree. Your child will love the bright illustrations and sing-song writing in this memorable read. This touching book has its own winter red cap and a jolly family of snowmen, who help remind your baby or toddler just how much they're loved.

    Little ones will delight in holding this chunky board book, touching the soft cap, and watching the snowmen partake in a smattering of holiday festivities, like picking out a Christmas tree. It's Christmas, David!

    Six Christmas Stories - AbeBooks - C.K. Edwards:

    There is plenty of mischief to be had around Christmas time, and your child will giggle along with David and learn important lessons about good behavior! As the often-misbehaving David plays with delicate ornaments or struggles to behave at fancy holiday dinner parties, Santa is watching to see if he is being naughty or nice! A family drives through the snow to visit their beloved bubbe, who has spread out a delicious Chanukah dinner for everyone to enjoy.

    But things go wrong when she accidentally eats a dreidel she thought was a bagel — and the family must try to stop her as she goes on to eat oil, latkes, and even menorahs! Introduce your young child to one of the most recognized and beloved traditions of the holiday season! Your child can press a button to hear each!

    Interactivity and music like this help children develop their language and fine motor skills. Your kids will have the opportunity to go on a hunt for toys and trinkets on the pages of this book as they explore gingerbread houses and other Christmas scenes.

    So many family memories are set to a soundtrack of laughter, and this book will most certainly provide that for you. When the greedy, rascally pup you know and love decides to wait up all night to ensure he gets the presents on his wish list, he ends up becoming part of Santa's flying sleigh!

    This story teaches kids an important lesson about gratitude and patience. Top Elf by Caleb Huett. This is a great chapter book for kids in grades 3 to 7 and you can certainly read it out loud , too! In it, Santa is in search of his successor and the elves are eager to enter the contest. Silliness ensues as elves Ollie and Celia try out, and must squeeze through impossible chimneys, race runaway sleighs, and sweet-talk a squad of rowdy reindeer.

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    Swindle 8: Jingle by Gordon Korman. When Griffin Bing and his friends get signed up to volunteer at a local Christmas extravaganza — as elves — instead of going away for winter break, they are less than thrilled. There's a Doberman who's playing Rudolph and making up the rules as he goes a santa who's bad news, but nothing compares to when a prized Christmas possession worth more than 10 million dollars gets stolen from under their noses!