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Maybe they will help make the decision to homeschool easier, maybe you will feel less alone in your beliefs or observations, maybe they will give you a picture of what schools are really like. Firstly, what I noticed when I read through all the stories was that these teachers had so much experience! We have been homeschooling a year and it has blown my mind how many people I have met who are ex-teachers who now homeschool.

Unschooling our kids allows us to follow what we know to be true about human development, good mental health practices, and childhood in general. The people that commented and sent me their stories were the people who had been in schools for a long time. They were dealing with data and standardization, not individual children. They were tied to a system that wanted them to implement teaching like robots, instead of responding to individual needs. In fact, they found that what they had learned about what is best for children and how they learn was not even being respected in schools.

Test scores were more important. Most schools are still giving young children homework, even when all the research shows it is not helpful. Anxiety around standardized tests is a huge problem. Recess time is being reduced. Teachers are over worked and underpaid. Until there is a major paradigm shift in the school climate, I will not be comfortable putting my kids in public school. If a private company had been running this long, it would likely function like a well oiled machine, with a clear purpose and probably making good profit with efficient staff.

8 Steps to Homeschool Success

As we have all experienced, that is not the case. Teachers agreed….

Autistic children are still expected to reach targets too despite the reaction to pressure. Very nice prisons, for sure, but with strict rules and consequences. Students who do not comply are punished, labeled, looked down on, thought of as less smart, and less likely to succeed in life. What they knew about learning prompted them to remove their children from the system. We unschool.

I occasionally still supply teach and every time I do, our choice to live the way we do is reinforced by what I experience in schools. When a child realizes that the problems they want to solve, the interests they want to pursue, and the goals they have can be achieved with the relevant math, reading, and writing skills, then they are motivated to learn those skills knowing that it helps them.

The stories that saddened me the most were when people shared things they had observed in school, or how school had impacted their children. They speak for themselves…. She loved to chat, was really creative and free and at school this was difficult. I felt like I was watching her lose confidence in herself and also lose a bit of herself. The teacher made her start again. I started to see that she was already learning to conform. It was then I knew my exit from teaching was coming. We tested for giftedness suspected since about 2 hoping that would help to advocate for certain needs in school.

I used to get so teary imagining my child possibly not making any connections and having to sit alone every day.

Where to begin homeschooling

I noticed in prep things like how the boys in particular would struggle to sit still on the floor and were often on time out. How dare they have interests outside of that level. How dare a prep child write in capital letters! It all just seemed so pointless! There were issues with pressure they put on themselves to receive high grades, kids with anxiety issues, kids cutting themselves.

I remember thinking how much this has increased in the 10 years I had taught. I wanted out of that for my family even though it terrified me! I wanted a slower pace. The kids in my class were so stressed with all of the expectations and the extra curricular activities and parents both working full time.

They had no time to be young and wild and free. It made me sad for them and sad for my future kids to have that as their norm. And I was strongly encouraged to not let my kids climb the full size equipment. I had a girl who always took an hour to eat. She would often miss music time in a separate room with a special teacher. I want my children to be more than a product the system spits out only to lead unfulfilling lives as a slave to the elites. Until my OWN child started school.

Then everything around me at school was about her and what that would be like for her. Because having a personal connection and wanting what you know is the very best for your child makes a difference.

The people who make decisions about how schools must be run, testing, standardization, and all that garbage are so far removed from the reality of schooling. Again and again the people who really know what schools are like, who have studied education, told of how it felt different for their own children.

Six Things to Think About When Considering Homeschooling

I was pretty disillusioned with the system before my children were born, but still expected to send my children to school. Then they arrived and taught me a different path. I also feel mainstream education squashes a students creativity and ability to be themselves. My first reason was simply that I wanted to spend more time with my children. And unschooling fits in to my ideas of respectful parenting.

But the number of reasons grew and grew, and some were John Gatto inspired ideas about the problems with school, influenced by my memories of having taught for 5 years. I was required to spend more time teaching the students who were behind and very little time with those who were ahead. My children are smart, but also impulsive. Why do teachers choose to homeschool their own children? It seems because they are educated, they know what school is like, and they want the best for their children. You can read the full stories shared by teachers below.

Thank you so much to everyone who contributed. My husband still works in education not in a classroom setting , but I have left. We unschool with our children. We sent them to public school until a year ago.

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I feel like we are coming full circle with our decision to unschool. Much of what we learned in college is only ideal in the classroom, but it is completely doable at home. I have many friends who are teachers, and I know they work very hard, harder than most people, and they are only treated like dirt from nearly every corner of life—the system screws them over, parents often show little respect, and with the rise in neuroatypical children their job is even tougher.

There is little to no support and the class sizes continue to climb while the funding continues to decrease. I wanted better for myself and for my children.

Then I learned about homeschooling and soon unschooling in the attachment parenting online groups where I was reading. I always invite my kids to consider going to school, especially right before high school, but we love our lifestyle.

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  • I decided to continue studying to support with changing the education system. I knew even before having children that I would unschool them. Now that I have my daugther, I actually work as a teacher again — still to make a difference for as many children as possible.

    My goal is to, in the future, create an agile learning center, and to unschool my daughter. Teaching has changed so much no way would I put her into that system.