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With other systems, people have used photographs, plaster models, and other approaches that Face ID would seemingly resist.

Apple says in its white paper that it introduces randomness to make it even more difficult. The sequence of 2D infrared scans and depth-map dot captures are sent in a random order, and the project dot-pattern is both random and unique for each device.


This makes it harder for an attacker to use predictable elements to dupe a scanner—or they might succeed in fooling an iPhone X in their possession, but fail with any other iPhone X out there. Maybe a corporate or government agency or Malcolm Walsh can pull of something like this, but your typical phone thief?

And use a passcode instead of Face ID. For now, an iPhone X will recognize only a single face. That could change in the future. But you can no longer give a spouse, partner, or other person access to your phone through a biometric means, like you could by enrolling one of their fingers with Touch ID. We hope Apple has learned from machine-learning and body-recognition debacles at other companies that have led to people of color not having the same accuracy of automatic photo tagging, facial recognition, and other problems.

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See the video of a man unable to get a hand drier seemingly to recognize his hand color. The kind of machine learning used widely now for voice, image, and other recognition relies on training databases.

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Companies or academic projects have to find often hundreds of millions to s of examples that they can mark correctly to feed into a deep-learning system to have it develop the pathways that let it recognize features more generically instead of as exact matches. In the past, these training databases have apparently been heavily biased towards white faces and often towards men, leading to racially insensitive and upsetting results.

In its announcement and on its website, Apple features a number of people of color more in proportion with the global population than American or European ones in the Face ID and other TrueDepth sections, as well as showing heavily freckled faces and women with elaborate and enormous hair.

How To Fix Face ID Not Working On iPhone X

This is great from a privacy standpoint, but might lead to awkward results. We assume it will keep testing and improving its neural network, as machine learning only gets better with bigger training sets. But it also mentions in its white paper something called Face ID Diagnostics. Your passcode is always the key to unlock your phone.

You can disable and re-enroll in Face ID with the passcode as well. We received this question from a future iPhone X buyer.

Some people dislike the Touch ID sequence, and would prefer a different method that involves less interaction, and Face ID might be the ticket. Apple wades into a market full of people disappointed by previous attempts to get a kind of technology to work. Sound familiar? Over time, that problem seems to have disappeared, as complaints are rare these days in forums in which they were once common. The real test is one of time: as you change make-up, glasses, and hair styles, and as our features tick away the passage of time, will Face ID keep up with us?

Apple later said that because the demo unit was handled by a number of people between when Federighi trained it and the demo, it exceeded the bad-match limit, a security feature, and locked out Face ID as it was supposed to. In fact, you can use a passcode at any time instead of Face ID, except in cases of third-party apps that are using Face ID explicitly as a biometric second factor.

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What devices use Face ID? What will I use Face ID for? How do I set up Face ID? How does Face ID work? How do I unlock with Face ID?

Can Apple's iPhone X Beat Facial Recognition's Bias Problem?

How secure is Face ID? Show More. What is Face ID? Apple is betting that its technology can meet six separate hurdles: Initially scan your face accurately enough to recognize it later. Compare a new scan with the stored one with enough flexibility to recognize you nearly all the time. Scan your face in a wide variety of lighting conditions. Update your facial details as you age, change hairstyles, grow a mustache, change your eyebrows, get plastic surgery, and so forth to still recognize you.

Let you wear hats, scarves, gloves, contact lenses, and sunglasses, and still be recognized. Not allow a similar-looking person, a photograph, a mask, or other techniques to unlock your phone.

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Apple Face ID setup. Apple Face ID doesn't actually emit any light. Next, you authenticate with Face ID. Finally, you place your phone near the payment reader. Can someone fool Face ID? We assume those cameras should be hidden. Assemble those photos in a 3D modeling program to create a 3D model for the mask. Use a 3D printer to create the mask out of stone powder. The diagnostic mode requires a lot of consent: Apple has to send a cryptographically signed request to authorize enabling Face ID Diagnostics. Once enabled, the existing Face ID is enrollment is deleted and you set up a new one.

All unlock attempts are captured for 7 days and then it stops. Images you reject are deleted immediately. Any images you approve are encrypted before transmitting and then deleted from your iPhone. But at least they aren't completely locked out of their phones: If Face ID doesn't work, users are prompted to enter their passcode. This isn't the first time that Face ID has experienced problems.

Some researchers used a 3D printed mask to hack the technology, and it experienced faulty rear camera issues. These issues could further increase fears around biometric security, as it becomes a more popular option for unlocking critical devices and information. Be in the know about smart cities, AI, Internet of Things, VR, autonomous driving, drones, robotics, and more of the coolest tech innovations. Delivered Wednesdays and Fridays. She covers CXO, cybersecurity, and the convergence of tech and the workplace.

Alison DeNisco Rayome has nothing to disclose. She does not hold investments in the technology companies she covers.

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