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While 2 cars can eek by each other if both drivers are careful, that won't happen on a curve. I have decades of experience on mountain roads of British Columbia.

This road is the worst combination for risk of head-on collision or being pushed off a cliff. If it was gravel people would be more guarded but being a paved one lane road people coming down were going recklessly fast as if they had the road to themselves. I was as guarded as I could be but on a blind corner you can't do anything to protect yourself if someone comes around it too fast to stop.

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We headed up at about am and made it three miles before we gave up. There was a steady stream of cars going down making the risk high. No guard rail and a steep cliff off the side makes for no room for error. When we turned around we let a couple of cars by us and then were able to drive safe because the first car at the head of the line acts as a shield. They will bear the brunt of a collision. So if you are lucky enough to follow someone up the 23 mile road, great. I would have done it myself. But if you are the only car going up it is not worth risking your life over.

Pretty much any vehicle can make it I was driving a Toyota Camry rental. But give yourself a LOT of time because even though I drove fairly fast for the road it still took a long time.

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Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Park. Profile Sign up. Log in to get trip updates and message other travellers. Walk the Road!

꽃길만 걷자 [kkot-gil-man geot-ja]

Mineral King Road. Review Highlights. Reviewed 7 September Reviewed 18 September Review of Mineral King Road. Date of experience: July Ask mikehikes42 about Mineral King Road. See all 44 reviews. Related to items you viewed. Cedar Grove Village. Mineral King Valley. From just south of Melmerby in the north west on the A south east to near Bowbank on the B This avoids the Cow Green reservoir.

Both appear on the OS with the same symbol so why is one allowed but perhaps not the other? Or are these tracks? Do the OS maps not show road classifications correctly then? When is a track a road?! Thanks for your interest Tarun. The team have had a look and have said it comes down to the data that is used. These allow vehicular access and yes, by using this dataset, the line that you propose would have to cross some of these.

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We hope this helps, Jocelyn. Interesting, but rather pointless in my opinion.

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  • Kpop Slang: 꽃길만 걷자 (Let’s walk along the road with flowers).
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Also I would prefer to see more attention given to mileage conversions as well as kms. This is still the British Isles we are talking about, after all! Brilliant — a fascinating if useless bit of geography plus geometry that has clearly got us all staring at maps! Any chance your team could find the longest bearing road to road in West Yorkshire by this method?

Pingback : Het wandelavontuur, dag 7 - Smarts Blogt. Line scale factor 0. Local Scale factor 0.

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The most accurate method for calculating geographical distance, ignoring changes in elevation, is using ellipsoidal-surface formulae. The shortest distance along the surface of an ellipsoid between two points on the surface is along the geodesic. Hi Thomas.

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The route was created in response to a tweet that we received and was devised using technology and software that would be available to most people at home sitting at their laptops. The accuracy of the length of this route reflects this which would be accurate enough for anyone planning on carefully! Hope this helps, Jocelyn.

Hi Jocelyn. What are the start and finish grid ref and can you order a custom map to attempt this route. Hi Dan. The grid references are listed in the blog and yes, it would be possible to create a relevant custom map. Many thanks, Jocelyn. Great work you guys. The main difficulty is actually getting to Cock Bridge. It involves taking the bus to Aberdeen from Glasgow , bus to Aboyne, staying overnight there, bus to Ballater and finally taxi to Cock Bridge.

The walk is over km and it does not appear t have any difficult sections apart from going up and over Ben MacDui care needed in poor visibility — the proviso is that you are an experienced hill walker. There are only two possible bothies and so carrying a tent is essential. No phone signal and next to no people — nice and quiet:. The amount of rain meant that there were lots of river crossings, with the River Feshie being a serious one.

There was also a 2km section where there were seedlings e. Ben MacDui was also not on due to the wind and the amount of snow on the ground which was not soft but actually quite hard. Links to them are on the above web site. If only Airy OSGB36 ellipsoidal distances are required, then only the Ordnance Survey Spreadsheet for coordinate calculations is needed, and the Ordnance Survey Coordinate transformation tool is useless for this purpose. The Ordnance Survey Spreadsheet for coordinate calculations, calculates in the Airy ellipsoid.

Looking back we occasionally get a fine view over the bay and the distant navigation mark, the White Lady on the south-western approaches. A lime-kiln is integrated into the stone wall on the right side of the road metres from the turn. This was used to burn lime-rich rock to fertilise the acidic fields of the Clifden demesne to your left. Soon you come to the castle gates, the entrance to the demesne.

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If you have the time, walk through the gateway arch and stroll along the winding trail edged with a series of five standing stones only one is original.