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What If You Were Swallowed by a Whale?

And swimming out into the ocean and putting a measuring tape around its body is not a very wise thing to do. For whale scientists, this is a big problem. The sheer size of these animals is fundamental to their success, as it allows them to store enough energy to undertake long distance migrations to find food in scattered locations.

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But though this should be factored in, it is seldom possible to incorporate body weight as a variable when studying free-living whales as it is so difficult to measure them. This is why we needed to develop a new non-invasive way of weighing whales. The solution colleagues and I came up with was to use a technique called photogrammetry — where the body size of the whales was measured from aerial photographs taken by drones.

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This unusual geography also makes it a great place for researchers, as we could simply fly our drones from land and photograph lots of whales in perfect conditions very close to the shore. With our drone, we were able to measure the body length, width, girth and height of the whales.

From these measurements we were able to create an accurate 3D model of the whales, which we could use to predict its body volume. Rewarding appreciation. Whale Heritage Site accreditation will be awarded to destinations appreciating the culture and heritage surrounding cetaceans.

Protecting whales to protect the planet

Bringing animals and people together. Whale Heritage Sites actively engage communities and tourists with marine life through art, music, science, education and events.

IWC68 - Portorož, Slovenia

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